dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Music of the heart

Just found this great site about Meryl Streeep with Music of the heart as "movie of the week"
All photos can be found on that site and much more...

On the set October 27, 1998

” No one was more excited to work with an incredible acting talent than film newcomer, Gloria Estefan, who had been looking to act for some time. “I was looking for a small role in a meaningful film.” Estefan knew she could learn a lot from Streep and she watched her carefully and did her best to learn as much as she could from her. “Streep is very giving and very supportive to everyone around her.” Estefan continues, “I just saw her do a scene with the audience and the camera wasn’t even on her and she did this amazing thing that just made everyone spellbound and right into what she was doing, and it’s a very giving thing for an actor to do. That’s why she is at the top of her game.”

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