zondag 7 februari 2010

Gloria and Emilio, The Paeso de las Estrellas de Las Vegas

Eindelijk gevonden in het Engels, op de facebook pagina van de mexicaanse Gloria site stond het alleen in het spaans die taal gaat nog niet zo goed. LOL

Gloria and Emilio, The Paeso de las Estrallas de Las Vegas, Walkway of the Stars

The plates with the names of Gloria and Emilio Estefan SERN unveiled soon, one beside the other, on the Paseo de las Estrellas de Las Vegas, said Friday an official from the organizing body of the ceremony. Continue reading the printed article nominations of producer and musical mogul and his wife, the successful singer, were approved unanimously last week by the Steering Committee of the Paseo de las Estrellas, told The Associated Press Pablo Antonio Castro Zavala, vice president of the organization. Nominations were submitted six months ago, he said. The stars SERN unveiled in the coming months, that the musical despus born in Cuba and the organization agree on the date added Castro Zavala. The Estefan were reported after the adoption of their nominations and said they were happy and willing to travel to Las Vegas to unveil their stars in front of the MGM Hotel, the official added. "As a Latino, is a double honor to include the Walkway of the Stars to two major entertainment personalities like them ", highlight Castro Zavala Telefnico in an interview with The Associated Press. "They are major international figures, people very representative of the Hispanic community who have excelled in the entertainment world and have proudly represented the Latinos." Could not be reached immediately to a representative of the artists. Gloria Estefan, 53 years, has recorded 24 albums en espaol e inglsy sold 70 million copies in its more than 30 years of career. At 18 years, I met Emilio when enlivened a wedding in Miami since the mid-70 years formed the band Miami Sound Machine, despus the catapult to fame Successes like "Dr. Beat "" Bad Boy "and" Conga. "Emilio, meanwhile, is regarded by many as a producer who has had a kind of Midas touch in the careers of artists like Ricky Martin, Shakira and Jennifer Lpez. Impuls Also the creation of what are now the Latin Grammy ceremony dedicated to the greatest musical and musical artists in espaol and Portuguese. in addition, has two Grammy Emilio and seven Latin Grammy under her belt, while Gloria has won three Grammy and Latin Grammy many others. Emilio, 56 years, promotes "Pace at success," his memoir published in January, where he talks about his TRANSFORMING No poor refugee in U.S. producer and world renowned entrepreneur.

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