zondag 14 februari 2010

Happy Valentine's day

Heart with your name on it

Hey there baby are you feeling down ?
'Cause you've got nobody's arms to wrap your arms around ?
Are you thinking what you're looking can't be found
If a part-time heart is what you need
What you want now baby you won't get from me
If it's part-time love you're looking for
Darling don't be knocking on my door
But if you need someone to stand there beside you
If you want a love that's true

I got a heart with your name on it, name on it
I got a love, I got a love, I got a love for you
I got a heart put your claim on it, claim on it
This heart will, this heart will beat for you if you want it to

Love is waiting in these arms of mine
If you're looking for a love that's the forever kind
Bayby you don't have to look no more
Look ... in my eyes
If you want somebody you can hold on
I'll be the one who'll never let you go
If you want somebody who will stay
I'll be the one who'll never walk away
If you need someone who'll stand there beside you
Nothing less is gonna do

By Diana Warren from the 1991 album Into The Light

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