woensdag 4 mei 2011

Gloria Estefan DJ Dave Pineda's Mega Mix Dance Sampler.

DJ Dave Pineda's Mega Mix Dance Sampler.

I have been trying to upload this one, since a long time ago! Always with error! I think now everything is ok. Just in time. Gloria is preparing a new CD, and Pharel is already in studio with her :)
For promotional pursposes only. 1:04:07. 100 % All original vinyl! Enjoy!
01.Live For Loving You
02.Cherchez Le Femme
03.Dr. Beat
04.Cuba Libre
05.Conga (DP Promo Remix)
06.1-2-3 (DP Promo Remix)
07.Rhythm Is Gonna Get You
08.Get On Your Feet
10.Everlasting Love
11.Turn The Beat Around
13.Don’t Let This Moment End
14.Heaven’s What I Feel
15.Go Away
16.Don’t Stop...
17.Bad Boy (DP Promo Remix)Links
Part 1 (80 MB)
Part 2 (56.78 MB)

From this great blog : http://musicismylife-divasandotherbeings.blogspot.com/2011/04/glor-estfn-dj-dave-pinedas-megamix.html

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