maandag 3 mei 2010

Gloria and Emilio protest against Arizona immigration laws

Gloria and Emilio Estefan, took part in the demonstration, Boycott Arizona, in downtown Los Angeles this afternoon (May 2). The demonstration was meant to speak out against the new Arizona immigration laws and demand that President Barack Obama’s administration overhaul the country’s immigration laws.
“We came as refugees to this country that gave us many opportunities,” said the 52-year-old Cuban-born singer. “We join with you today so that they will know that we immigrants are honest, workers, to show the beautiful face that we bring to this country, always respecting the laws. If everyone looks back, everyone is an immigrant in this country. We don’t want to link the word ‘immigrant’ with ‘criminal.’”
She later added: “We’re good people. We’ve given a lot to this country. This country has given a lot to us.”
Gloria and Emilio traveled to L.A. from Las Vegas where they had been honored last week with a star on The Las Vegas Walk Of Stars.
It is estimated that 50 000 demonstrators took to the streets, many chanting, “Si, se puede,” or “Yes, we can.”

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