woensdag 12 mei 2010

Gloria dvd's part two

De tweede serie zelfgemaakte dvd's, second serie homemade dvd's: 1- Miami Sound Machine - The utimate video collection ( verzameling van videos, live materiaal, fotos en lp en single releases van 1980-1985 en met de vhs release Video Excitos uit 1986, collection from videos, live recordings, photos and lp and single releases from 1980-1985 and also includes the vhs release Video Excitos from 1986). 2 - Evolution vhs rip. 3- Centerstage concert. 4- Into the light vhs rip. 5- Get on your feet live in Yokohama 1991. 6- Fiesta latina hd version. 7- Live in Peru 2009 full show on two dvd's.
Te ruil of.... - For trade or....

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  1. I'm really interested in "Miami Sound Machine - The utimate video collection". Can you let me know how to get it ? Thank u so much!