zondag 16 mei 2010

Talking 80s music: Episode 177 - Gloria

Talking 80s music with Martin Hennesy, episode 177.

This week, we focused on one of the most dynamic voices of the decade... Gloria Estefan-- a true hit-making sound machine. We played an extensive retrospective mix, early single "Prisoner Of Love," a live version of "Falling In Love (Uh-Oh)" and the often overlooked soundtrack song, "Hot Summer Nights," from Top Gun. You don't find as many careers burn as brightly as hers. The only things that are missing from her recording career would be a one-night only live double-CD and a French-language album.

She's got some time, though.Sometimes when technology evolves and updates come along we pretend that everything is going to work out perfect. We are often deluded and just wrong. This was one of those moments. For some reason, we weren't able to get any audio working via Talkshoe and went with our last resort... recording it offline. Yet, even that has some downfalls. The mic can be soft at times and using noise cancellation in the edit can create some odd distortions. As you may hear. So, as a whole... we made it through and are going to take our next steps toward doing the show from the Macbook.

80s music


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